Have you heard of Cake Beauty?

Quite a few years ago, my sister, as a surprise for my birthday, purchased us both passes to attend a makeup convention in Toronto. That birthday still stands out in my mind today because it was such a unique and different experience from anything I would typically do for myself, and she and I had a truly wonderful time.

It was at this convention that I was first introduced to a Canadian company known as Cake Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free hair and skin line. I think Cake was just starting out as a new brand when I came across them at this beauty show, and after receiving a collection of free samples, I immediately fell in love with the products and their quality.

I didn’t see anything from Cake again for quite a while, but their products are now available in Shopper Drug Mart, and I actually just grabbed a shampoo and conditioner to try out.

Check out the story behind the Cake Beauty brand, pulled from Cake’s website:

“Cake Beauty came to life in my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario, where I spent what felt like a lifetime looking for beautiful products that satisfied my need for girlie indulgence and my want for natural ingredients. I knew that the recipe for exceptional personal care was the right blend of those two ingredients — and so a sweet legacy was born!

“Over the years, Cake’s assortment of naturally luxe confections expanded beyond bath and body into haircare and specialty items. Each garnered a cult following with interesting, smart women that were looking for high-performing, time-saving products to enhance their beauty routines.

“I eventually added the Delectable brand to the mix, making the founding Cake principles of sassy + natural indulgence accessible to everyone.

“Creating with ‘heart’ is important to me. I think about this every day and I’m constantly looking for ways to build this authenticity into everything we do. Every idea, every image, every word and every product is created with this in mind in our Toronto headquarters, where I personally test and play with every product until it is exactly right for you to make part of your day.

“All of our products are exclusively cruelty-free, using natural ingredient-driven formulas that are free from the stuff that doesn’t fit your lifestyle — all the while, never sacrificing the fun and playful essence of the brand.

“(A girl shouldn’t have to choose between natural and girlie greatness!)

“Cake celebrates the good things in life. This company is built on the spirit that embodies people like you – smart, over-achieving, authentic, generous, kind, and cool.

“So thank you for inspiring me to think beyond the pink, and raising the bar to create the award-winning, innovative, multi-use goodies that you love.

Heather Reier
FOUNDER & CEO,” the web page states.

If you ever have a chance to sample some of Cake Beauty’s products, I absolutely recommend doing so. It’s Canadian, it’s created with reliable and sound ingredients, and it happens to be very affordable.

Image from https://www.cakebeauty.com/

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