Has COVID made us selfish?

I had a rather engaging conversation with my mom and dad recently regarding COVID-19. More specifically, we were discussing all of the controversy and differing opinions pertaining to the coronavirus vaccination, and whether or not this entire pandemic has collectively encouraged us as people to become selfish.

After the chat I had with my parents, I can say with confidence that I do believe the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to deal with has prompted many of us to place our own wants, needs and beliefs and their importance to us individualistically over others. And, quite frankly, it’s a problem.

Looking back to when this pandemic began, I can recall a lot more sympathy, empathy and care being exemplified from most of us on a social scale. I feel as though we were far more attentive to the struggles and fears of others, not only ourselves, and we seemed to be far more understanding of each other’s needs and wants during such a confusing transition period. Fast forward to now, I believe the situation has totally reversed and we are now sitting at the opposite, more selfish end of the spectrum.

I’m not exactly sure as to what the cause of this change in attitude and heart is, or if it will ever be identifiable. I do think, however, that the presence of the vaccine for COVID-19 and the different stances and perspectives towards it has prompted a huge division between those of us in support of it and those of us against it, which has, in turn, enabled a lot of us to become selfish and inconsiderate of those around us.

It’s somewhat disheartening to recognize the change we have all seemingly adapted from the start of the pandemic compared to now, but I do think this selfish stance many of us have adopted is an indication of the state of humanity we are currently facing.

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