Stranger Things update

As I mentioned a while ago, I’ve recently started watching Stranger Things. I just finished the second season, and while I have a ways to go before I’ve concluded the series, I have developed some opinions and have made some observations about the show I thought I would share.

If you don’t watch this show, this post likely won’t make any damn sense to you, however, if you choose to read anyways, then I applaud you for your perseverance.

I’m not gonna lie, I found Lucas’ character in the first season to be annoying as hell. The guy acts like a little bitch and creates drama over nothing, so I’m quite pleased his character has improved significantly in season two.

I have a hunch that Hopper and Joyce are going to end up together in a later season, but I love the chemistry these two have.

As much as I like Eleven’s character, at times, I find her to be a tad whiny and overly emotional. I know, I know – the kid hasn’t exactly had a normal life, but that doesn’t mean every episode must depict her falling to her knees and screaming rather dramatically.

They did NOT have to do Bob like that. I’m still seething over that one.

Max was slightly irritating when her character was initially introduced, but she is growing on me.

Billy … let’s just say there’s a lot to sift through with him.

The whole love triangle between Nancy, Johnathan and Steve has piqued my interest, and I’m torn because I really like both of these lads.

Dart was so damn cute when he was a baby.

The whole bit with Eleven and Kali was rather odd to me, and not to mention sort of pointless if we never see Kali again.

I’m looking forward to seeing what season three has in store.

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