Earthly Delights: making mealtimes easier

My sister’s business, Earthly Delights, recently revealed some exciting news regarding its newest services, and what better way to share the news than with the internet. Earthly Delights, as a recap, is a small business that offers homegrown, chemical-free produce, natural wellness products such as bath bombs and scrubs, and artisanal woodworking. It’s my sister’s … More Earthly Delights: making mealtimes easier

Can Pinterest help people suffering from chronic pain?

If you’re a Pinterest user, you can likely attest to just how useful this social media platform can be in a variety of ways, whether it be for recipe inspiration, home decor advice, or fitness regimes. Apparently, though, Pinterest can be used for a lot more than lifestyle reasons. In fact, a recent study from … More Can Pinterest help people suffering from chronic pain?

Way to go, Gillette

A new commercial from Gillette, a well-known men’s hygiene company, is creating quite a stir across social media platforms as of late. The advertisement, titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” is a short-film style commercial that makes reference to patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and the #MeToo movement regarding non-consensual sexual harassment, assault, and violence. … More Way to go, Gillette

Social media impacts how we see our bodies, but not in a good way

The relationship between social media and body image is one I have revisited on several occasions, on here, on a project I did for university, and for one I completed in college. Despite my frequency in dabbling with this topic, it continues to spark conversation. And not in a good way. An article from York … More Social media impacts how we see our bodies, but not in a good way

Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

When I noticed that #GenderEqualityWeek was trending on Twitter this week, I was pleasantly surprised that this initiative is occurring right at home on Canadian soil. This is the first time this movement is occurring in Canada, and thus far, it’s received a very positive response via social media (do a quick search, you’ll see … More Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

Profile: Emilia Clarke

Because I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan, it’s safe for anyone to assume that I’m also a massive fan of a majority of the cast, specifically Emilia Clarke. This woman is so damn classy, goofy and wonderful, and her ability to be all of these things simultaneously is one of the few reasons I’m such … More Profile: Emilia Clarke

The 2018 Emmys

This year’s 70th Emmys took place on Monday evening in Los Angeles, so I figured it would make sense to summarize the winners to save time for all of you. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Amazon took the lead in terms of most Emmys won. Receiving five for the evening, the show was recognized for its comedy … More The 2018 Emmys

Nike’s sales are only going up

I’m assuming you’ve already heard the news, but in case you haven’t, Nike caused quite the stir when they debuted Colin Kaepernick’s face as the lead of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. Kaepernick’s personal slogan for the campaign reads “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” Kaepernick is best known as … More Nike’s sales are only going up

Here’s why the Serena Williams fine is so sexist

This past Sunday, Serena Williams was fined $17,000 for supposedly violating three match codes in her loss to Japan’s Osaka. The referee at the match fined Williams $10,000 for verbal abuse towards chair umpire Carlos Ramos; $4,000 for being warned for coaching; and $3,000 for breaking her racket, according to an article from Global News. … More Here’s why the Serena Williams fine is so sexist

Jennifer Owens

Looking for some new music the other evening, I pleasantly stumbled across a young woman on Youtube named Jennifer Owens. In my search for a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, I discovered Jennifer’s cover of the song and was absolutely astounded by this young woman’s angelic voice. I wouldn’t say I … More Jennifer Owens

Here’s How The Kardashians Are Supporting Eating Disorder Culture

An article from Women’s Health recently caught my attention as it discusses some insensitive comments that were made by the Kardashian siblings towards Kim, regarding her recent weight loss. The article reports that siblings Khloe and Kendall claimed Kim looks like a walking Face Tune doll, and according to other sources Kim’s Instagram stories), the siblings … More Here’s How The Kardashians Are Supporting Eating Disorder Culture

Here’s How Social Media Destroyed this Local Farm

An article by The Globe and Mail discussing how social media has potentially devastated the Bogle sunflower farm in Ontario has myself and many other individuals reeling. The Bogles’ family farm consists of breath-taking fields of colourful and vibrant sunflowers which, prior to now, was open to tourists to enter and take photos in. The Bogles’ … More Here’s How Social Media Destroyed this Local Farm

Why Kate Spade’s Suicide Is A Crucial Example of Mental Health Awareness

News broke on June 5th that Kate Spade, an American fashion designer and incredibly successful businesswoman, was found dead in her home after committing suicide. Spade was 55 years of age and leaves behind her husband, Andy Spade, and her daughter, Frances. Spade was the former co-owner of the designer brand, Kate Spade New York, … More Why Kate Spade’s Suicide Is A Crucial Example of Mental Health Awareness

What Is Periscope?

For a school assignment, my colleague and I were asked to compose a presentation regarding Pericope and what it consists of. According to Wikipedia, Periscope is a live streaming App designed for Android and iOS smartphone devices. It was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in 2014 and was originally named Bounty. It was … More What Is Periscope?


My college Public Relations course has allowed me to acknowledge how important networking is in the realm of Public Relations. Networking is one of the most effective ways to reach out to and connect with potential future employers, and further to familiarize oneself with potential future co-workers. Through my program’s emphasis upon networking, I have come … More LinkedIn


January 31st marked the annual #BellLetsTalk day, a movement to advocate for mental health awareness and to communicate the concept of inclusion towards those impacted by mental illness of any type. The hashtag #BellLetsTalk was used throughout the day on January 31st over 133 million times in Canada, breaking all pre-existing records regarding interactions with the … More #BellLetsTalk


It recently came to my attention that I have not yet composed a post regarding the platform I use to convey the material on my blog, said platform being WordPress. I have been using WordPress for several years now, both with my own personal blog and further with various academic assignments. For one of my college courses … More WordPress