Purging emotion through creativity

Feeling overwhelmed isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling. Depending on the context of what’s causing you to feel inundated with stress, sometimes it can feel like we’re drowning in our own thoughts, unable to designate clarity. Feeling overwhelmed isn’t a permanent state of mind, though. In fact, there’s several ways to go about ridding our minds … More Purging emotion through creativity

Embracing Anxiety

It’s probable that when you hear the term ‘anxiety,’ you automatically associate it with a negative connotation. Likely because we have been socially conditioned to acknowledge anxiety as a mental illness, a burden, and one that requires correction. As someone who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, I can understand why the condition is … More Embracing Anxiety

It’s healthy to sleep with your pup

A recent Phys.org article will have dog lovers rejoicing. A University of Alberta study has cultivated results that suggest sleeping with a dog could benefit chronic pain sufferers. The findings contradict other medical advice that recommends sleeping without a dog for people who experience long-term pain. “A small study published earlier this year of people … More It’s healthy to sleep with your pup


Oct. 10, yesterday, was 2018’s #WorldMentalHealthDay. The following information is from an Ontario government release that was issued on #WorldMentalHealthDay: “Up to 30 per cent of Ontarians aged 15 and up experience a mental health or addictions issue. About one in five children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge. It’s estimated that … More #WorldMentalHealthDay

Acne can contribute to a lower quality of life

A Eurekalert release titled “Acne stigma linked to lower overall quality of life, Irish study finds” reports that women and young girls who experience acne are more likely to face a lower quality of life than males with acne. A study from the University of Limerick, Ireland, has revealed that people who suffer from acne are … More Acne can contribute to a lower quality of life

Research shows quitting junk food is as hard as quitting an addiction

An article from the Medical Press reports that quitting junk food can result in similar withdrawal symptoms that occur when one quits an addiction, specifically in the first week of quitting. The University of Michigan recently did a study that is likely the first to examine withdrawal symptoms of people when they refrain from consuming … More Research shows quitting junk food is as hard as quitting an addiction

Stubborn Acceptance

“There are some things in life you simply cannot change.” This phrase, and affiliated variations, is something I remind myself of when I am feeling particularly stressed or my anxiety is getting the best of me. I am the type of person who prefers control over spontaneity. Do I perceive this trait as negative? Not … More Stubborn Acceptance

Weighted blankets: are they worth the price?

A couple of months ago, weighted blankets started popping up throughout my social media feeds, specifically as advertisements on Instagram. They’re exactly what like they sound like; a blanket, weighted usually with sand, to help people to sleep better. My sister saw somewhere that the blankets were half price, so she looked into it and … More Weighted blankets: are they worth the price?

A Love for Lavender

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed that lavender seems to be the latest craze. It seems to be just about everywhere, and because of its popularity, I wanted to provide some information about this herby powerhouse to pay homage to just how great it really is. An herb native to Northen … More A Love for Lavender