Why do you smoke?

I’ve debated whether or not I should share here on my blog that I dabble in cannabis from time to time, my reservations being that I don’t want anyone misconstruing my marijuana use and assuming I’m competing with Snoop in terms of how high I can possibly be.

I assure you that as much as I can admire and appreciate Snoop’s advocacy and intensive use of cannabis, I personally am not able to smoke it all day, every day, because of the nature of the work I do. Rather, I smoke it in the evenings before I head to sleep, and that’s it.

After debating whether or not to share with all of you that I smoke weed, I ultimately said fuck it and decided to share my reasons for using it with you in case someone else can benefit from reading this post.

I’ve been using marijuana consistently for a little while now. I first tried it simply because I was curious, and the first time I ever used it was not a pleasant experience. I was genuinely convinced my legs had burst into flames, and it took a hell of a lot of forced brain power to convince myself that this was not the case. I am pleased to report I haven’t had such a paranoia-inducing trip since, but lemme tell ya, the flambéed legs situation was not pretty.

Once I got the trip from hell out of the way, I started using marijuana in the evenings because I noticed it significantly reduced my anxiety. My worry-ridden brain was able to find some peace which, in turn, allowed me to wind down a little more before bed and get better sleep.

The Devil’s lettuce affects everyone differently, and the benefits I experience from smoking it may not be the same for everyone else. I figured I would share why I smoke, though, in case anyone out there can relate.

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