What does sleeping have to do with your genes? A lot, apparently

Ever find yourself wondering why your sleeping habits are the way that they are? Perhaps you sleep like a rock, and a tornado couldn’t even wake you. Or maybe you’re a light sleeper, and find it difficult to ever get a restful night’s sleep. Night owl, morning person, or somewhere in-between, it turns out that … More What does sleeping have to do with your genes? A lot, apparently

Is too much sleep bad?

I absolutely love sleep, and to be fair, who the heck doesn’t? It’s like a temporary escape from reality in which all worries and stressors are forgotten. That being said, too much sleep can, unfortunately, be rather bad. A Eurekalert article describes how results from the world’s greatest sleep study suggest that folks who sleep between … More Is too much sleep bad?

Weighted blankets: are they worth the price?

A couple of months ago, weighted blankets started popping up throughout my social media feeds, specifically as advertisements on Instagram. They’re exactly what like they sound like; a blanket, weighted usually with sand, to help people to sleep better. My sister saw somewhere that the blankets were half price, so she looked into it and … More Weighted blankets: are they worth the price?

What Are Night Sweats?

For the past couple of nights, I have been waking up throughout the night absolutely drenched in sweat. Gross, I know. I have limited knowledge regarding night sweats and what causes them, but my experiences these past few evenings has prompted me to want to know more and research the topic. According to MedecineNet.com, night sweats are essentially … More What Are Night Sweats?