Can CBD contribute to a healthier lifestyle?

When many of us contemplate the concept of cannabis use, health and wellness may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, I would argue that many people associate cannabis with laziness and poor health, when in actuality, this simply is not the case.

As stated in an article originally published at Foli, “cannabis is not just something that ‘stoners’ use on a recreational basis in an effort to get high. While it certainly can be consumed for recreational purposes, cannabis has so many more uses.”

The article goes on to provide several examples of how CBD can “play a key role in health and wellness and serve as a natural alternative to traditional remedies for various ailments,” and personally, I think it’s worth being open to these findings.

As I’m sure many of us are aware, cannabis has the ability to make one feel, shall we say, better. But, in far more technical terms, “CBD’s ability to promote better health and wellness stems from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system of the body. This system is tasked with regulating brain, endocrine, and immune functions, and influences various experiences in the body, including appetite, pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation, and mood, among others.”

And, “… the system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis – or balance – in the body that’s needed to keep the body healthy and free of disease and ailments.”

If you’re wondering how exactly cannabis can, therefore, contribute to health and wellness for those who use it, the article outlines some specific examples of what CBD can do for the human body. CBD can encourage better sleep, alleviate inflammation within the body, diminish symptoms and feelings of anxiety and stress, and, believe it or not, increase skin health.

Who knew?

It is apparent from this article that cannabis can influence a stronger health and wellness routine, and personally, I think that’s pretty darn cool.

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