Three signs a friendship isn’t worth your effort anymore

I’ve been reflecting on some of my friendships as of late, and doing so has really encouraged me to seriously contemplate the value of these relationships I’ve formed with others. I believe that sometimes we’re unable to see the harsh reality of a deteriorating friendship because we’re trying so desperately to save it. But, sometimes, friendships may not be worth saving.

I know I sound like quite a Negative Nancy in saying this, but, unfortunately, it’s true for many of us. We try so hard to hold on to a friendship as it continues to further itself from our grasp, causing us frustration and annoyance in the process.

The following are what I consider to be three indications that a friendship isn’t worth your effort anymore:

1) You find that you’re the only one reaching out to connect and make plans. You’ve tried prolonging your tendency to reach out first, but, months go by and you still don’t hear from them. You cave and repeat. The same crap each time.

2) You realize when you do connect, the two of you basically only talk about them. Never you. You’ve tried to express interest in something new you’re exploring, but the conversation somehow always can be related to them, for example. Quite annoying.

3) You show consideration and offer support to them when they’re in need of it, but these actions aren’t reciprocated when it comes time that you’re in need of a friend.

At the end of the day, all friendships are different because we as people are different. What I believe are core components of a strong friendship may not be what you believe, and vice versa. But, I think there a definite signs a friendship may not be worth your time anymore (especially if the relationship has become toxic), and while letting go may be hard, it may be best.

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