Three signs a friendship isn’t worth your effort anymore

I’ve been reflecting on some of my friendships as of late, and doing so has really encouraged me to seriously contemplate the value of these relationships I’ve formed with others. I believe that sometimes we’re unable to see the harsh reality of a deteriorating friendship because we’re trying so desperately to save it. But, sometimes, … More Three signs a friendship isn’t worth your effort anymore

Promoting self-love

It can be difficult to recognize things about ourselves that we appreciate, or love. I would argue that because we are socially conditioned to seek out our flaws and the flaws of others, a social construction that is perpetuated through social media, print media, and visual media, we fail to consider that there are things … More Promoting self-love


January 31st marked the annual #BellLetsTalk day, a movement to advocate for mental health awareness and to communicate the concept of inclusion towards those impacted by mental illness of any type. The hashtag #BellLetsTalk was used throughout the day on January 31st over 133 million times in Canada, breaking all pre-existing records regarding interactions with the … More #BellLetsTalk