How to deal with feeling insignificant

Feeling insignificant is a pretty shitty feeling.

And, unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot we can do to control the actions of others which may be the cause of our inferior feelings.

What we can, do, however, it recognize our own worth and attempt to progress in our self-appreciation.

Say you just started at a new job. You haven’t been there for too long, but you’re feeling pretty accomplished and content with your recent hiring.

You anticipate your friends, family, partner, and anyone else of importance in your life will be bursting at the seems when you get home from your first day. You walk in the door, step over the doormat, waiting for the bombardment of questions, only to learn that no one really gives a damn and can’t be bothered to ask how your day went.

Harsh? Yes. Unrealistic? Probably not.

Feeling inferior seriously sucks. You ask yourself, ‘why is no one excited for me?’ and contemplate if your expectations from your loved ones are too high. Perhaps they are, but nine times out of ten, they’re not, so you’re stuck feeling glum and unimportant.

I think something worth keeping in mind while dealing with this uncomfortable realization is that your worth shouldn’t matter to anyone but the person the worth is associated with – yourself. At the end of the day, you’re the one that needs to be happy with your life and what you’ve set out to do, not really anyone else.

Does that mean that a little praise every now and then, when due, is unnecessary? I don’t think so, as I believe giving credit where credit is due is a tremendously valuable tool to possess. But, the next time you find yourself feeling like a bag of shit because no one really gives a damn about what’s happening in your life, remind yourself of whose opinion matters the most, which is your own.

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