Helping someone with a mental illness

We’re all relatively familiar with the level of stigma that surrounds mental health. For whatever reason, society, over the years, has convinced the majority of the population to be afraid of discussion pertaining to mental health, and in turn has resulted in many tragedies and silent sufferings.

Mental health can definitely be a difficult thing to talk about. Whether it be you sharing your own story, or attempting to get someone else to open up about their own mental health, anxiety and fear can quickly creep in and disturb any progress that was being made through conversation.

What is important to keep in mind is that although talking about mental health can be challenging, it is absolutely necessary. If you’re apprehensive about initiating a conversation with someone about your own health or someone else’s, try to remember that mental health and wellness is just as important as physical health, and therefore requires the same amount of attention and recognition to achieve recovery.

There are more resources and tools available now than there ever has been in the past, and if you’re wondering where to begin, I encourage you to do a simple google search to discover the resources and tools available within your own community. Whether it be a stranger, a therapist, a mental health expert or a loved one, there is always someone available to speak with you about your own mental health, or point you in the right direction if you’re wanting to help someone else.

Mental health does not discriminate in who it affects. It is real, it is prevalent, and it demands our attention. Never turn your back on someone who needs help, or yourself. You are loved, appreciated and important, and someone, somewhere, is available to help you or someone else come to this understanding, regardless of the circumstance.

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