Helping someone with a mental illness

We’re all relatively familiar with the level of stigma that surrounds mental health. For whatever reason, society, over the years, has convinced the majority of the population to be afraid of discussion pertaining to mental health, and in turn has resulted in many tragedies and silent sufferings. Mental health can definitely be a difficult thing … More Helping someone with a mental illness

Embracing Anxiety

It’s probable that when you hear the term ‘anxiety,’ you automatically associate it with a negative connotation. Likely because we have been socially conditioned to acknowledge anxiety as a mental illness, a burden, and one that requires correction. As someone who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, I can understand why the condition is … More Embracing Anxiety

Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Eating disorders are hell on their own, but dealing with one during the holidays adds an extra emphasis of anxiety that most people are unfamiliar with. While I have been in remission of my own eating disorder for a couple of years now, I still have thoughts that arise almost daily, attempting to convince me … More Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays


Oct. 10, yesterday, was 2018’s #WorldMentalHealthDay. The following information is from an Ontario government release that was issued on #WorldMentalHealthDay: “Up to 30 per cent of Ontarians aged 15 and up experience a mental health or addictions issue. About one in five children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge. It’s estimated that … More #WorldMentalHealthDay

Suicide Amongst Farmers

An article by Irina Ivanova titled “Farmers are Killing Themselves In Staggering Numbers” caught my attention the other day when it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. I was aware that mental illness and suicide is prevalent in the farming community, but this article allowed me to recognize just how severe … More Suicide Amongst Farmers

Why Kate Spade’s Suicide Is A Crucial Example of Mental Health Awareness

News broke on June 5th that Kate Spade, an American fashion designer and incredibly successful businesswoman, was found dead in her home after committing suicide. Spade was 55 years of age and leaves behind her husband, Andy Spade, and her daughter, Frances. Spade was the former co-owner of the designer brand, Kate Spade New York, … More Why Kate Spade’s Suicide Is A Crucial Example of Mental Health Awareness

Mental Illness Tragedy in South Africa

I was appalled to read an article via CBC news detailing an absolute tragedy that has recently occurred in South Africa. The article, titled “South Africa Shocked By Deaths of 144 Psychiatric Patients,” describes the Esidimeni tragedy, a situation involving the deaths of 144 psychiatric patients who died following South Africa’s Gauteng provincial government transferring … More Mental Illness Tragedy in South Africa


January 31st marked the annual #BellLetsTalk day, a movement to advocate for mental health awareness and to communicate the concept of inclusion towards those impacted by mental illness of any type. The hashtag #BellLetsTalk was used throughout the day on January 31st over 133 million times in Canada, breaking all pre-existing records regarding interactions with the … More #BellLetsTalk