Dealing with perfectionism

Perfectionism, if you’re someone who deals with it, isn’t necessarily the most pleasant thing to experience. In simple terms, perfectionism is when we try to live our lives and complete tasks and duties in a manner that is nothing less than perfect, and, in case it isn’t obvious, this results in a fuck ton of pressure, anxiety and depression, depending on each person who deals with perfectionism.

I’ve been a perfectionist for probably my entire life, if I had to guess, but my perfectionism sort of went into overdrive when I was dealing with my eating disorder, and I believe this correlation makes sense. I wouldn’t say it is as bad now as it once was, but I have my days, and as of late, there have been more difficult ones than good ones.

I came across a quote while browsing through the home decor on Etsy a little while ago that deeply resonated with me. It read “it will never be perfect – make it work,” and because this quote has helped me tremendously in dealing with my own mental health issues, I wanted to share it with all of you in hopes of possibly helping someone else out who is struggling.

Whenever I start spiralling as a result of anxiety or depression, I force myself to think about this quote. Repeating this mantra aloud to myself, over and over, occasionally, has helped me break free of whatever temporary anxiety or perfectionism paralysis I’ve entered, and it genuinely has allowed me to come to terms with things that I have had trouble with for many years. It isn’t a cure, or a guaranteed solution, but it helps, and that’s enough for me.

Perfectionism sucks, especially when you’re unaware of tools and coping mechanisms that can help alleviate its impact. Here’s hoping today’s post can serve as beneficial to someone having a rough time out there, today and every day.

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