How to spot a narcissist

A narcissist isn’t something, I don’t think, anyone should ever aspire to be. Simply put, there isn’t really a single thing about their existence that serves a beneficial or positive purpose to anyone but themselves.

There is more to narcissism to that, but I think it sums up the term quite nicely.

While narcissism isn’t something that any person would wish to possess, it is unfortunately common enough in today’s world. I thought I might offer some tips and tricks to identify narcissism in someone in an attempt to provide some insight on the matter, and I drew inspiration for this post from

Narcissists often seek out praise and recognition and will do so both consistently and borderline constantly.

They maintain and practice tremendous entitlement and self-righteousness.

Their actions and behaviours may imply that they find themselves living in a delusional world.

They’re known to bully, pick on, ridicule and mock others.

Narcissists are lacking in empathy and will use others for their own gain without experiencing any guilt.

I wasn’t aware of this until reading up on narcissism for the sake of this post, but narcissism is considered to be a personality disorder and is therefore a form of mental illness. It actually saddened me when I read this because upon further reading I discovered that there is no definite cure for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Therapy can help, but there is no guaranteed way to stop someone from being a narcissist, and what makes the matter even more complicated is that people with NPD often refuse to acknowledge their condition and therefore get help.

From what I have read and can gather, the best way to dodge narcissism is to completely and entirely remove the narcissistic person from your life by cutting all ties with them. It seems harsh, but inevitably necessary.

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