Canada wastes over half of all food produced

A CBC article snagged my attention recently, but for all of the wrong reasons.

Roughly 35.5 million tonnes of all food produced in Canada is wasted or lost, says a recent report, and approximately one-third of said waste could be sent to communities in need across the county.

That’s 58 per cent of all of the food grown and/or produced here in our country.

Second Harvest, a Toronto-based agency that collects excess food throughout the supply chain and distributes it to agencies, for example, shelters, drop-in centres, breakfast programs and summer camps, released their report, “The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste,” on Thursday morning.

Research suggests that some “4.82 million tonnes of food, or nearly $21 billion worth, is lost or wasted during the processing and manufacturing process. Some 2.38 million tonnes of food, or more than $10 billion worth, is lost at the consumer level,” the article says.

The total value of wasted and/or lost food in Canada totals to $49 billion.

This is an absolutely disgusting realization.

The amount of lost and/or wasted food in this country would provide every single Canadian with enough food for five months, Lori Nikkel, Second Harvest CEO, told reporters on Thursday, the article states.


Are findings and statistics of this severity what we as Canadians require to make an effort to correct the issue of food waste in our country?

I for one was unaware of how great of an issue food waste is in Canada.

I hope the findings from Second Harvest can prompt some drastic changes.

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