Is raising an only child abusive?

An article from Psychology Today caught my attention as of late, as the headline reads “Is having an only child really child abuse?”

I did a quick skim of the article, though the topic of the article is what prompted me to discuss it here on my blog.

First off, allow me to say that never in my entire life have I considered having an only child to be a form of child abuse. To be honest, I was entirely unaware that this is even a topic of conversation until I came across this article. My lack of familiarity with the topic is either an indication of my ignorance, or it serves as evidence of just how ridiculously self-entitled society has become.

I’m going to go with the latter.

May I ask how anyone could think it is their business to deem having one child as a form of child abuse?

What if a couple is only able to have one child?

What if a couple can only financially support one child?

What if the single child has a condition that allows them to flourish in a single-child family?

Or, what if a couple simply wants one child?

How is having one child abusive? Granted, if you have one child and decide to lock it up and prevent it from encountering any social interaction, that is certainly abusive. But assuming this single child is raised in a relatively normal environment, with relatively normal family members, who is to say that they are worse off than a child in a family with two, three, or ten siblings?

Honestly, I just want to know where this train of thought originated.

In my opinion, a family’s business concerns no one except the members of that family, unless said business becomes dangerous or unstable.

Mind your business, people.

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2 thoughts on “Is raising an only child abusive?

  1. I’m an only child and my parents would be heartbroken to hear an article saying something so awful. Life sometimes throws people lemons and can’t have another child and some only want one, both is understandable.
    Thanks for writing this! I have never heard something like this before, and I’ve heard a lot of weird things people think about only children haha!


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