The importance of work-life balance

I started seeing a counsellor for my anxiety about a month ago. I was unsure of what to expect before I went in for my first session, but I’m definitely beginning to get more out of the sessions each time I go.

The last time I saw my counsellor, she expressed the importance of work-life balance to me.

I feel like work-life balance is a term we’re all more than familiar with, but I question how many of us actually abide by the significance of it?

In case you’re unsure of what work-life balance consists of, it says so directly in its name; a balance between work, and life. Life being things we pursue recreationally, for example, sports, or fitness, or painting, or knitting. Basically whatever it is you enjoy doing.

My counsellor asked me what I do for work-life balance the first time I saw her, and I responded with complete honesty.

“Uhm, I watch Netflix.”

I do consider Netflix to be something I do for myself as it is a time for me to relax. My counsellor pointed out to me, however, that Netflix, while relaxing, isn’t exactly something we as users gain anything from.

For example, say you’re into horses. When you ride, you get exercise, spend time outdoors, and develop a connection with an animal.

When you watch Netflix, you don’t really get any of that. Or, if you do, I would appreciate if you could let me know what you’re watching so I can check it out.

In a world where responsibilities and tasks are greater than ever, and are expected to be completed in less time than ever, work-life balance honestly is something worth investing in. Find something that you enjoy doing and gives you growth, and pursue it. It will pay off in the end.

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