Have you seen ‘Stutz’?

A couple of nights ago, Blaine and I sat down together to watch something via Netflix. As per usual, we scrolled aimlessly through quite a few titles, trying to determine what to watch, when all of a sudden, Blaine turned to me and asked me if I was familiar with Jonah Hill’s newest movie, to … More Have you seen ‘Stutz’?

Hypnotism 101

I’m a smoker. When I say I’m a smoker, I’m making reference to the fact that I smoke cigarettes, but I also smoke marijuana, so I guess I can classify myself as a dual smoker. Those are the only two forms of smoking I participate in, just to clarify, in case anyone associates the term … More Hypnotism 101

Embracing Anxiety

It’s probable that when you hear the term ‘anxiety,’ you automatically associate it with a negative connotation. Likely because we have been socially conditioned to acknowledge anxiety as a mental illness, a burden, and one that requires correction. As someone who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, I can understand why the condition is … More Embracing Anxiety

A Societal Acceptance of Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and/or counselling can be thoroughly beneficial for individuals in a variety of contexts. Whether professional help in these regards is sought for mental illness treatment, relationship conflicts, or simply to speak freely with an unbiased person, therapy and counselling are generally a great help to those who make use of them. I have noticed … More A Societal Acceptance of Therapy and Counselling