Embracing discomfort

As I mentioned on here a while ago, I have started seeing a therapist in hopes of getting a handle on my anxiety and minor depression.

My anxiety is moderate to severe, whereas my depression is mild, only flaring up from time to time.

I saw my therapist last week, and I found it to be one of the most productive sessions we have had thus far in the short time I have been seeing her. We were discussing my former eating disorder, and in telling her that my eating disorder experience is something I frequently discuss and explore with all of you, she offered me significant praise for choosing to deal with something that once caused me such discomfort so therapeutically.

I failed to consider, prior to our session, that writing about my eating disorder and sharing the not-so-glorious details with all of you completely transparently is therapeutic, but after hearing it from my therapist, I completely agree with her. I have always found writing to be a relieving practice, so writing about painful or uncomfortable topics is, for me, one of the most constructive and helpful ways to deal with them.

I’ve also found that my choosing to write openly and honestly about difficult topics has helped others. I’ve had several people send me messages, explaining that the realistic discussion of my eating disorder experience has helped them in some way, and knowing my writing can help even one person is one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever experienced.

I realize everyone is different, and therefore everyone deals with trauma and uncomfortable topics differently. I’m a rather open person, so I don’t find it overly difficult to share the grimy details of an uncomfortable topic with someone. Try and designate a therapeutic method in which you’re able to address and tackle uncomfortable topics, and work your way forward.

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