Have you seen ‘Stutz’?

A couple of nights ago, Blaine and I sat down together to watch something via Netflix. As per usual, we scrolled aimlessly through quite a few titles, trying to determine what to watch, when all of a sudden, Blaine turned to me and asked me if I was familiar with Jonah Hill’s newest movie, to which I replied I was not. He managed to find it pretty quickly, and so, we watched ‘Stutz’.

Here is a description of the film from imdb.com.

“Phil Stutz is one of the world’s leading psychiatrists. He’s helped countless patients over 40 years, including world-class creatives and business leaders, and among them many therapy-skeptics. Directed by friend and patient Jonah Hill, the film explores Stutz’s life and walks the viewer through his signature visualization exercises, The Tools. As Hill sits down with Stutz for an unorthodox session that flips their typical doctor-patient dynamic, they bring The Tools to life in a humorous, vulnerable and ultimately therapeutic experience. Featuring candid discussion of both Stutz’s and Hill’s personal mental health journeys, alongside the lighthearted banter of two friends from different generations, the film beautifully frames The Tools and the journey toward mental health in a manner that’s accessible to anyone whether or not they are actively seeking help,” the web page states.

I find it incredible that Mr. Stutz was willing to share his tools and techniques publicly, seeing as he is paid to do just this in private with his own patients. Both Blaine and I found this film to be educational, beneficial and interesting, and there is a great dose of humour, too. I also give a lot of credit to Jonah Hill for being so open and transparent with his own mental health; men’s mental health is something that still requires a significant amount of destigmatization, but Mr. Hill is certainly pushing things in the right direction.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/6255607/pexels-photo-6255607.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1


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