A Societal Acceptance of Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and/or counselling can be thoroughly beneficial for individuals in a variety of contexts. Whether professional help in these regards is sought for mental illness treatment, relationship conflicts, or simply to speak freely with an unbiased person, therapy and counselling are generally a great help to those who make use of them.

I have noticed as of late that more and more people are becoming more outspoken in terms of their use of therapists and counsellors. Social media influencers, celebrities, well-recognized media figures, and even everyday people are becoming more comfortable with sharing their experiences with these professionals, and in my opinion, I find this openness to be a step in the right direction regarding self-help and mental wellness.

Based on what my parents have told me, I would argue that when they were my age, not only was the use of therapists and counsellors significantly less common than it is today, but further was not something that was confidently shared with others. Society has gained undeniable progress in respect to addressing mental illness and mental wellness in a more public spectrum, and I find this to be positive in terms of generating advocacy for mental illness awareness and also a better acceptance of what mental illnesses consist of.

I made use of a therapist when I was dealing with an eating disorder, and although I haven’t seen one since, I plan on addressing the prospect with my family doctor soon in an attempt to help me to better manage my anxiety. I know many people who speak with therapists regularly, and their progress and satisfaction with their experiences have encouraged me to acknowledge how I, too, could benefit from professional guidance.

Trying to achieve or maintain mental wellness is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it is something worthy of positive recognition.

2 thoughts on “A Societal Acceptance of Therapy and Counselling

  1. Thanks for your blog. Counselling for me was life changing- I’m finally at peace with myself, have sorted out so much of my “baggage”, and I am actually content. Indeed counselling was so life changing for me that I decided to become a counsellor!


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