Is Hair Masking A Thing?

I would argue most of us have either heard of or have used facial masks at some point in our lives. Whether they be hydrating, soothing, detoxifying or purifying, there’s a mask for just about any skin concern.

What about hair masks, though?

When summer rolls around, the ends of my hair tend to look a lot like a straw bale. Perhaps this is because I haven’t had a trim in over eleven years (minor detail), but I’m always looking for super hydrating hair products to use on the ends of my hair to give them a boost.

I picked up the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Repairing Mask a couple of weeks ago from Shoppers Drug Mart for $10.00, and after using it a handful of times, I think it’s safe for me to review this product.

This mask is described as “… a Pro-Keratine and Ceramide enriched formula that helps restore 5 visible signs of replenished hair without weighing it down.  L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Mask is concentrated with an active serum for deep, intense repair. The light texture softens the hair, without weighing hair down.”

I believe L’Oreal has developed an entire “Total Repair” product line, but this mask is the first of the line I have experimented with. I have found my hair to look and feel significantly softer after applying this to my hair and allowing it to sit for five minutes or so in the shower, and so far, it hasn’t made my hair look greasy. I focus the product on the ends of my hair and work what’s left over in the palm of my hand to my roots, mainly because my roots aren’t dry in comparison to the ends of my hair.

Overall I think this product is ideal for dry, summer hair, and I would recommend it to others. I haven’t tried many hair masks in my life, but based on the positive outcome of this one, I may just try some more.

Photo credit: <a href=”″>adedip</a&gt; on <a href=””>VisualHunt</a&gt; / <a href=””&gt; CC BY-NC-SA</a>

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