Essential Oils for Acne?

I was recently talking to someone who happens to be quite knowledgeable about essential oils and their beneficial properties, and our conversation prompted me to do some research regarding how essential oils can help to combat acne. This information comes from Bustle, and I found the article to be quite informative.

  • Tea Tree Oil: You’ve likely seen a few acne-fighting products that contain tea tree oil, and tea tree oil is the best essential oil for preventing acne and reducing blemishes as a whole. It is antibacterial, antibiotic, and antimicrobial, and helps to kill germs and bacteria on the skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory, meaning it can reduce the size of painful, swollen pimples.
  • Clove Essential Oil: This essential oil contains many antiseptic properties and is commonly used to treat cystic acne and boils. It is quite strong, however, so be careful using it as its stimulating properties can quickly bring a boil or cyst to a head, which is not always the best option.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil: This type of essential oil is antimicrobial and antiseptic, and further analgesic, meaning it can help to reduce pain. It can help to reduce and prevent pimples from developing on the skin.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: This essential oil is often used by aromatherapists to control and stop bleeding, making it a great option to treat popped blemishes, even ingrown hairs. Its soothing properties can calm itchiness and irritation, but it isn’t wise to apply it to open pimples.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: This essential oil is commonly used to reduce scarring, whether it be acne scars or surgical scars. It is incredibly gentle and soothing, and it can help to relieve irritation and inflammation.

Essential oils really are some of the most versatile things in existence, but before using any to treat acne, consult a physician or a dermatologist to be safe.

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