Recognizing the power of positive self-affirmations

Self-affirmations, for anyone who may not be entirely familiar with the topic, are, in my own words, phrases we say aloud and direct towards ourselves that aim to manifest positivity. In simple terms, self-affirmations are vocalized statements that affirm, or warrant, our existence.

Self-affirmations are a beneficial thing for just about everyone. They’re a means to sort of have a conversation with ourselves that emphasizes our worth, value, and many other positive attributes we possess.

To provide an example, a self-affirmation someone may say to themselves is ‘I am important and worthy of love.’

I’m hoping this example makes sense to anyone who still isn’t exactly sure as to what self-affirmations are.

Self-affirmations can take on many different forms, but the majority of them are intended to acknowledge positive characteristics about ourselves to boost our self-confidence and self-esteem. The state of the world we live in isn’t exactly one I would say is nurturing for us in terms of self-love and acceptance, hence why self-affirmations are becoming a more common topic of conversation.

The power that comes from regularly practicing self-affirmations has the ability to be truly astounding. Think about it; the more we direct positive thoughts, energy and words toward ourselves, the easier it becomes to agree with these affirmations. Most of us, when we begin dabbling in self-affirmations, feel a tad goofy and awkward. But, these unpleasant emotions will subside over time, and to a more extensive degree if we are able to incorporate self-affirmations into our daily routines.

If you are someone who struggles with confidence or comfortability with who you identify as, I encourage you to explore the concept of self-affirmation, and also practice it. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised with how effective they can be in regards to enhancing self-acceptance, and, really, what do you have to lose?

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