Is less more when it comes to washing your hair?

Hair hygiene is something we’re taught from a young age. It is something that has become a repetitive practice in our lives, something that doesn’t demand much thought.

Because of the repetitive nature of hair hygiene, we fail to ever think twice about it. For the most part, anyways.

But, I started to give it some thought, and after having conversations with people who swore that their hair became healthier by washing it less frequently, I decided to experiment.

My hair lands somewhere in the middle of the dry vs. oily spectrum. Before experimenting, I washed my hair every other day. I didn’t necessarily need to, but I figured it was better to be safe as opposed to sorry.

When I first began cutting back on my hair washing, I was a little leery when the second day of no shampoo zone had passed. I figured I would be looking like a complete grease ball by day three.

I was quite wrong.

I did not resemble anything greasy after extending the period of time between hair washing, much to my surprise. And, (you guessed it) when I did wash my hair, it started to perk up considerably well immediately after showering, whereas when I was washing my hair every two days before, my hair looked like straw after air drying when done showering.

I can’t say this hair hygiene adjustment will work for everyone as I’m unsure as to whether or not it depends on the dryness/oiliness of different people’s hair. But, it would be nice if it does, because it could contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Less hair washing means less product purchasing, less spending, less product and waste ending up in oceans, and less pollution if you consider when the product is being moved during shipping.

In this case, less most certainly is more.

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