How to practice better sleep hygiene

Sleep is important. Everyone knows that.

What some of us may not be aware of, however, is sleep hygiene. And, as it turns out, sleep hygiene is pretty important, too.

So, what exactly is sleep hygiene then? Does it involve washing sheets, blankets and pillowcases regularly?

Not quite.

Sleep hygiene refers to “a series of routines, habits, and behaviors you partake in relation to your sleep. Unknowingly or not, each of us has our own rituals and behaviors which may impact our overall feeling of rest. Things like a 3 pm cup of coffee or sleeping in on the weekend to ‘catch up’ on sleep are examples of undesirable sleep hygiene behaviors,” says an article originally published on Made By Hemp’s website. 

Perhaps you’re wondering how to go about constructing a better sleep hygiene routine. Some examples include establishing evening practices that allow you to relax and de-stress, the article explains, like a bath with Epsom salts, reading, or yoga. Other strategies listed in the article include ensuring your sleeping area is completely dark and noise-free when you decide to hit the hay, keeping the temperature of your sleeping area between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, avoiding caffeine after noon, and waking up and falling asleep at roughly the same time daily.

It may sound like a large commitment up front, but in time, these practices will become habit and you’ll find yourself developing and maintaining sound sleep hygiene. Abiding by practices that boost your sleep hygiene is super advantageous, and you will likely make note of the positive difference it can make in terms of how you sleep.

And, as Made By Hemp’s article says, “sleep hygiene is important because it can either improve or reduce the quality of sleep you are getting. A few simple tweaks can really improve the amount of sleep you are able to get – whether that is 6 hours or 9 hours.”

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