Here are some small changes that can make all the difference with your health

Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is arguably something we all strive to achieve to some extent. We try our best to eat healthy, drink enough water, get plenty of sleep and engage in physical activity, but sometimes, life gets crazy, and we get off track.

For a lot of us, I would argue, it is far easier staying off track than it is to get back on track. I believe a lot of us convince ourselves that living a healthy lifestyle is too far out of our reach, making it quite difficult to find the motivation and commitment to put the work in and get back to where we once were.

This simply isn’t the case, though, despite what we may think. In fact, with a few small changes here and there, practicing a better lifestyle really doesn’t require a whole lot of alterations. An article from proves my point, and I encourage you to check out the following information.

1. “Cut out soda.

2. Cut out juices.

3. Drink more water (8 8-oz cups per day).

4. Walk to work if distance permits.

5. Get a gym membership.

6. Come up with a workout plan that involves hitting the gym at least 3x a week.

7. Buy fruit instead of cookies and donuts.

8. Eat more vegetables. The fiber and nutrients will keep you full and prevent overeating.

9. Consume 25g fiber per day if you are female, 38g for males.

10. Drink less coffee so that you do not rely on caffeine.

11. Get 8-10 hours of sleep.

12. Go on a run at least once a week.

13. Read a blog on bettering your health and/or fitness at least once a week.

14. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you don’t give in to cravings when come meal time.

15. Purge your pantry of all junk (and no, not by eating it).

16. Try cooking healthy recipe instead of eating out.

17. Talk to someone new at the gym every week. Making friends will make you enjoy your time there and want to return.

18. Buy egg whites instead of only whole eggs.

19. Try turkey bacon instead of pork bacon (I eat both depending on the occasion).

20. Keep an exercise log so you can see that you are making progress,” the web page explains.

These are only a few tips for achieving a better lifestyle, and as you can see, these aren’t incredulous changes. Check back tomorrow for even more ways to be healthier without sacrificing anything too major.

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