Feeling antsy? Try this at-home, equipment free workout

With so many of us being confined to our homes right now, it is easy to understand how and why we might be feeling a little jittery. Feeling a little claustrophobic or antsy is likely something many of us are experiencing as of late, and with limited social outings and of course social distancing, it … More Feeling antsy? Try this at-home, equipment free workout

Body positivity: progressive or dangerous?

Body positivity is, in my opinion, perceived in one of two ways; a positive movement involving confidence and acceptance of oneself, or a negative message that perpetuates the ideology that being overweight and unhealthy is okay and praised. I was chatting with my sister about the two sides of the concept. My sister, who happens … More Body positivity: progressive or dangerous?

Don’t Be A Bird, Eat Your Turkey!

For many people, the thought of consuming turkey only occurs throughout the Holidays, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving. This stereotype is unfortunate, however, considering just how beneficial eating turkey is for the human body. Turkey can benefit the body in a variety of different ways if ingested. For example, turkey is inevitably a solid source … More Don’t Be A Bird, Eat Your Turkey!

Lemongrass Restaurant

Earlier this week my mom and I took my grandparents out for dinner to Lemongrass restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario. Lemongrass offers Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and this occasion was my second time eating at the restaurant. I wanted to dedicate a post to Lemongrass because it really is a fantastic restaurant. The restaurant in Hamilton … More Lemongrass Restaurant