How about legs and abs?

I figured I’m doing all of you a bit of a disservice by sharing the arm component of my workout routine in yesterday’s post and stopping there. I’m no gatekeeper, and so I deemed it only fair to share the entirety of my workout routine with all of you, including the leg, butt and ab elements.

This workout is low-impact, cardio-free, for the most part, I think, and doesn’t require any equipment. Feel free to incorporate equipment likes weights and bars if you’ve got ’em, but they’re not required to be able to complete the entirety of the routine. You could complete it in 20 minutes if you’re wanting a more intense workout, or you can do it slower, taking your time, and finish it up in roughly 30 minutes. The ball is in your court with this one.

Again, this routine is self-made, so my terminology for certain moves may not necessarily meet the standards of the fitness community. Please don’t come for me.


  • 60 squats
  • 60 abdominal sideways toe reach (keep your core tight and back straight)
  • 60 squats
  • 60 calf raises
  • 60 backwards leg squeeze (lift leg back and up towards back), each leg
  • 60 bouncing lunges, each leg


  • 60 push-ups
  • 60 second plank
  • 60 ab twists (balance on butt and twist abs and arms wide to side)
  • 60 in-and-outs (balance on butt and bend knees up towards chest then straighten out)
  • 60 back crawlers (lie on back and bring your elbow to your opposite knee)
  • 60 crunches
  • 60 leg drops (lie on back and keeping knees bent lower feet towards floor)
  • 60 crunches
  • 60 pelvic thrusts (lie on back and raise hips up towards ceiling then back down to floor)

Feel free to stretch before or after completing this routine – I don’t, but I probably should.

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