Start doing these things to feel healthier

Health is a topic that, I would say, has direct relevance to all of us. Health is a rather pivotal aspect of life in terms of its quality; poor health isn’t something we wish to possess, therefore we strive to be as healthy as we possibly can, in most cases, and to certain extents. For example, we know it is important to eat a balanced diet, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t indulge in a Big Mac from time to time.

Because health plays a strong role in our overall lives, I thought I might offer some tips and tricks to take into consideration if you’re wanting to feel healthier in general. I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or life coach, though, so please consult with your physician if you’re really not feeling yourself.

  • Drink more water. I know, I know – this isn’t anything new, and we have been hearing this preached to us for quite some time now. However, for those of us who actually do consume a healthy amount of water in a given day, the benefits of it are just about immediate and certainly noticeable when put into practice and done so consistently.
  • Keep moving. Nowadays, a lot of us work in an office or home environment, meaning we spend a good chunk of the day sitting on our asses. Sitting in excess is quite problematic for the body in numerous ways, hence the importance of relatively continuous movement. Stretch, do some yoga, or go for a walk. It’s worth it.
  • Eat your greens. This one is probably the most difficult for us to accomplish, simply because, in my opinion, veggies generally do not taste great. I struggle to get my vegetables down, so I use a vegetable powder in my green smoothies in the morning to ensure I’m getting in all the greens.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean hell, my friends.

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