Food for thought: does what you eat influence your memory?

Who knew that what you consume on a daily basis could affect your memory? Well, Ajuriel Willette,¬†an assistant professor at Iowa State University in the department of food science and human nutrition, along with his team of researchers, proved just that. Willette and his team unveiled a satiety hormone through research that could lower the … More Food for thought: does what you eat influence your memory?

Why do we hate vegans?

Let me begin by stating that this post stems from an article from Medicalxpress and doesn’t encapsulate my own personal views of vegans. From my own perceptions, however, a lot of people have it out for vegans. the article explains how many vegans encounter criticism via social media for their dietary preferences, with some vegans … More Why do we hate vegans?

Is ‘Clean Eating’ Dangerous?

I came across an article via Global News titled “‘Clean Eating’ Trend Has Eating Disorder Specialists Concerned.” The article by Leslie Young¬†offers a lot of insightful information regarding the potential dangers affiliated with clean eating, therefore I wanted to discuss it here on my blog. Clean eating, by definition, involves consuming minimally processed foods and … More Is ‘Clean Eating’ Dangerous?