Plant-based diets: logical or ludicrous?

My mom and I were grocery shopping a few nights ago at Sobeys, and in the produce section, a display titled “plant-based alternatives” caught my eye.

I decided to take a stroll over to the display to see what sorts of items were available. A vast majority of the section consisted of dairy-free cheeses, although there were a few “sausages” in the section as well.

I thought I would take a look at the ingredients in this particular brand of plant-based “sausages,” and I was a bit taken aback. A pack of six sausages cost $7, and the first two ingredients in these things were water and gluten.

Just to clarify: a sausage consisting of mainly water and filler is being sold in grocery stores for $7, and, I would assume that people are buying it.

A wee bit concerning, no?

Plant-based diets and veganism are becoming more and more popular in contemporary society. And, quite honestly, it doesn’t affect me. If veganism is what suits your preferences and lifestyle best, go for it, man. Eat those greens, and I will politely respect your decision to do so.

But, I find it challenging to accept the fact that people are buying sausages made of water and filler for $7, and potentially believe that their diet tendencies are nutritional.

One can absolutely ensure their nutritional needs are being met while following a plant-based diet, so long as one is conscious of how to go about consuming necessary essential nutrients. But, a sausage made of gluten and water doesn’t seem overly nutritional to me, and, in fact, I consider it to be a major rip off for the price.

Just my two cents.

Veganism can be achieved in a healthy and wholesome manner that fortifies the human body. But I fail to see how a wheat sausage is going to do that.

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