Product review: L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Luminous Bronzer

Summertime, for me, is peak tan season.
By tan, I’m referring to the tan I receive when I’m outside working on the farm. Not from a tanning bed or anything like that.
Since beginning my job at Bonnieheath, I’m spending far more time indoors than I normally do in the warmer weather. And, as a result, my tan is seriously lacking at this point in the year.
I picked up the L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Luminous Bronzer a few days ago from my local Shoppers in hopes of giving my non-existent tan a boost. I purchased this product for $20, which is somewhat in the middle regarding cost when it comes to self-tan products.
The instructions explain to apply the lotion to clean skin in order to see the tan develop in two to four hours. When I first applied this goop (it really is like goop), I did a double application because I am resembling Casper a little too much for my own liking as of late.
My ‘tan’ did, in fact, appear in two to four hours, and I’m actually quite impressed with how well this stuff works. The instructions state to continue applying daily until you reach your desired tan, after which one or two applications a week will maintain the tint.
Two downsides to the product are the texture/smell, and the amount of shimmer in it. It doesn’t smell great, and it’s very goopy, as I mentioned earlier. And, if you plan on trying this stuff out, be wary of the fact you may resemble a disco ball after applying because of the ludicrous amount of sparkle in it.
Not a big fan of that.
But, glitter and texture aside, this stuff does work. It’s a great alternative to actual sunlight or tanning beds, and it’s relatively affordable, too.

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