Like Lebanese food? Visit La Luna

I would argue that Lebanese food isn’t something a fair amount of us are familiar with. Which is a shame, really, considering how damn tasty it is. It isn’t exactly as well recognized as Italian or Chinese food, for example, but despite its relatively subtle reputation, Lebanese cuisine packs a serious flavour punch.

With some similarities to Mediterranean cuisine, Lebanese food consists of a rather healthy variety of dishes. With lamb and chicken being some of the most used proteins in this type of cuisine, as well as many fruits, vegetables, grains and spices, Lebanese food provides those who consume it with a trip to flavour town without contributing to unwanted pounds – it’s actually one of the healthiest diets on the planet.

Double win, am I right?

La Luna is a Lebanese restaurant in Hamilton that has absolutely wicked food. My family and I have been going for several years now, and we’ve actually become acquainted with the owner in doing so. With 23 years of experience behind the cooks, La Luna’s two locations in the city provides customers with an authentic, pleasant, accommodating and delicious experience, and I definitely recommend giving one of their restaurants a visit to try the food yourself.

Some of my favourite dishes from La Luna include their mushrooms, spicy potatoes, tabbouli, fattoush, chicken shawarma, shish tawook, and their rice. Everything on the menu is worth tasting, but if I had to pick some of my top choices, these would be them.

La Luna’s Lebanese food is fresh, flavourful, light and delicious, and it’s absolutely worth driving out to Hamilton to give it a try. I linked their website above which provides information about both locations, and also their menu, so be sure to check it out if you’re someone who enjoys a truly cultural experience.

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