Yes, avocados really are a superfood

I think it is relatively safe to say that within the past few years, avocados have exploded in terms of popularity. I happen to love avocado and have always tried to fit it into my diet, so I certainly have no complaints about it becoming more and more of a staple food in so many of our diets.

Avocados are known to be pretty beneficial to the human body, but as it turns out, they’re even better for you than we may have thought, according to an article from The Good News Network.

“Everyone has different gut microbiomes, but eating avocado as part of a daily diet is a sure way to improve gut health—a new study from researchers at the University of Illinois shows.

“Avocados are a healthy food that is high in dietary fiber and monounsaturated fat. However, it was not clear how avocados impact the microbes in the gastrointestinal system or ‘gut.’

“The researchers found that people who ate avocado every day as part of a meal had a greater abundance of gut microbes that break down fiber and produce metabolites that support gut health. They also had greater microbial diversity compared to people who did not receive the avocado meals in the study.

“While other research on avocado consumption has focused on weight loss, participants in this study were not advised to restrict or change what they ate. Instead they consumed their normal diets with the exception of replacing one meal per day with the meal the researchers provided.

“The purpose of this study—published in the Journal of Nutritionwas to explore the effects of avocado consumption on the gastrointestinal microbiota, says Hannah Holscher, assistant professor of nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at U of I and senior author of the study.

“Avocado is an energy-dense food, but it is also nutrient dense, and it contains important micronutrients that Americans don’t eat enough of, like potassium and fiber,” the article explains.

In case you needed more reasoning to eat avocado, there ya have it.

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