SunRype versus That’s It: a fruit bar showdown

Anyone who has the (hopefully) pleasure of knowing me is certainly familiar with my snacking antics. I eat a lot, I eat regularly, and I love fruit, therefore a common snack food I enjoy is 100 per cent fruit bars that don’t contain any additional sugar.

I have never been able to comprehend why the fuck sugar is so often added to products already containing fruit, thus already containing natural sugars. It’s redundant, and it pisses me off.

It can be tricky finding fruit bars without a surplus of unnatural sugar, but I have found two different brands that I believe to be the best in the fruit bar game. SunRype fruit bars and That’s It fruit bars are the best I’ve personally sampled, and I thought I would share my opinions toward both with all of you in case any of my readers happen to have a fruit bar fetish like myself.

If I had to pick one over the other in a general sense, I would have to say that SunRype fruit bars are my preference. I like their texture and consistency (they remind me of a thicker fruit rollup), I find them to be more filling than other bars, and the flavours are pretty decent. My favourite flavour would be the Peach, Pear and Carrot, but allow me to recommend avoiding the Mangosteen variety. That shit is nasty.

The That’s It bars are better in regard to their packaging, because the SunRype bar packaging can be an absolute nightmare (I often resemble a rabid raccoon trying to open them), and the mango flavour of the That’s It bar is hands down the best. That’s It fruit bars are far more limited in flavour than SunRype bars as they’re only available in mango, blueberry and strawberry.

SunRype fruit bars are the victor here, but both options are worth trying if you, like me, eat copious amounts of dried fruits.

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