Inclusivity: Kim Kardashian versus Candace Owens

Kim Kardashian and Candace Owens found themselves in a heated exchange recently regarding an advertisement for SKIMS, a clothing company Kim founded and owns. SKIMS consists of a variety of different clothing pieces, but it is arguably best known for its shapewear.

Candace Owens, who, if you’re unfamiliar with her, is a conservative author, talk show host, political commentator, and producer. I like Candace and a lot of what she stands for, however, her recent quarrel with Kim is one in which Candace crossed a serious line, in my opinion.

Candace recently shared her dismay regarding a SKIMS advertisement that depicts a woman in a wheelchair wearing SKIMS products. If you ask me, she went off the fucking deep-end; according to Candace, this advertisement is an example of ‘ridiculousness’ in the context of inclusivity, and she stated that while she assumes women in wheelchairs require the use of bras and underwear, it is not something she or anyone wishes to see, nor does she believe it is appropriate to portray a disabled woman wearing such items.

Understandably, a lot of people acknowledged Candace’s aggressive stance toward the campaign, with Christina Applegate, who was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, calling out her unnecessary commentary on Twitter.

I was a bit shocked at Candace’s take on the advertisement if I’m being honest, my reasoning being that her statement screams ignorance and intolerance of anyone who doesn’t necessarily fit into a stereotypical image or body type. I don’t see why disabled people shouldn’t be represented, and further, included in advertisement campaigns for a variety of different goods and products, and I applaud Kim and SKIMS for their branding and marketing in this regard. If anything, I consider the ad to be refreshing in the image it is depicting, and the broader message it is communicating, too.

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