America’s Next Top Model: a toxic portrayal

When I was younger, I was absolutely obsessed with the television series known as America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), created by the highly celebrated and recognized model Tyra Banks. By younger, I’m guesstimating I began watching this show when I was about 12 or so, which are important developmental years. I couldn’t get enough of … More America’s Next Top Model: a toxic portrayal

Overweight people and the healthcare system: an injustice

The healthcare system is something many of us tremendously depend upon. We see doctors when we’re unwell, or unsure about a condition or a diagnosis, and we put significant faith in physicians when it comes to our overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, the same experience cannot be said for many overweight people, based on several conversations I’ve … More Overweight people and the healthcare system: an injustice

Stop comparing and start celebrating

Social media, as wonderful as it can be, can simultaneously be destructive towards those who make use of it. And by destructive, I’m referring to the inevitable occurrence of comparison that comes with social media. It’s extremely difficult to avoid comparing ourselves to others when we’re scrolling through our social media timelines. We compare ourselves … More Stop comparing and start celebrating

Body positivity: progressive or dangerous?

Body positivity is, in my opinion, perceived in one of two ways; a positive movement involving confidence and acceptance of oneself, or a negative message that perpetuates the ideology that being overweight and unhealthy is okay and praised. I was chatting with my sister about the two sides of the concept. My sister, who happens … More Body positivity: progressive or dangerous?

Social media impacts how we see our bodies, but not in a good way

The relationship between social media and body image is one I have revisited on several occasions, on here, on a project I did for university, and for one I completed in college. Despite my frequency in dabbling with this topic, it continues to spark conversation. And not in a good way. An article from York … More Social media impacts how we see our bodies, but not in a good way

The Selfie

Ahhhhh, the selfie. The simple act of taking a picture of oneself, usually taken with the intention of posting the photo on a social media website to display to others. With websites like Instagram and Facebook gaining popularity among internet users, selfies have become a mandatory aspect of self-representation in the world of social media. … More The Selfie