Overweight people and the healthcare system: an injustice

The healthcare system is something many of us tremendously depend upon. We see doctors when we’re unwell, or unsure about a condition or a diagnosis, and we put significant faith in physicians when it comes to our overall wellbeing.

Unfortunately, the same experience cannot be said for many overweight people, based on several conversations I’ve had with others. And I find this instance of injustice to be absolutely despicable.

Someone I am close to, who happens to be overweight according to social categorizations, has had numerous poor experiences with the healthcare system because of their body. This person is overweight because of a medical condition that is incurable, and despite living a healthy, active lifestyle, their weight fails to diminish.

When this person visits a doctors office, regardless of the reasoning behind their scheduled appointment, the physician almost always attributes the issue at hand to their weight. If they have a cold, or the flu, they’re told to lose weight. If their energy levels are lower than normal, they’re told to lose weight. If they develop a skin condition, they’re told to lose weight.

I would argue that if this person developed a third eye, the cause would be attributed to their weight as well. It’s complete bullshit.

And, this person is not alone in their experiences with the medical system. There are thousands of other overweight people who have had the same unjust occurrence with their own doctor.

It is atrocious that many overweight people are actually abstaining from visiting their doctors because of the relentless commentary about their physical size. Yes, in certain scenarios, body weight can be the main contributor to a medical condition. But it isn’t always the cause, nor is weight something some people can willingly control. It is ignorant to assume otherwise, especially when these assumptions are made by trained professionals, and this sort of injustice must be addressed and corrected for the sake of these people.

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