Talking to children: a how-to guide

I recently took on a new tutoring client. The client in question is 10 years of age, and, actually, they just turned 10 a couple of weeks ago. When this client’s mom first reached out to me inquiring about tutoring their child, I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to take on a student so … More Talking to children: a how-to guide

Here’s how you can help to support the #BlackLivesMatter initiative

If you’re like me and have found yourself asking how you can participate in rallying for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, don’t stress. I did some research to see what sorts of resources are available that the public can make use of to contribute to this initiative, and hopefully, these sources can be explored by more of … More Here’s how you can help to support the #BlackLivesMatter initiative

Overweight people and the healthcare system: an injustice

The healthcare system is something many of us tremendously depend upon. We see doctors when we’re unwell, or unsure about a condition or a diagnosis, and we put significant faith in physicians when it comes to our overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, the same experience cannot be said for many overweight people, based on several conversations I’ve … More Overweight people and the healthcare system: an injustice

The dangers of activist trespassing

I recently heard about two separate incidents involving dairy farms and animal activists – one in Ontario and one in the U.S. One of the incidents involved animal activists trespassing onto the farmer’s property and entering their dairy barn without permission to emphasize their disapproval of dairy farming and other producers in the industry. While … More The dangers of activist trespassing

Here’s the problem with mainstream media coverage

Media and news outlets are things we as a society rely tremendously upon to gain insight and knowledge about current events across the globe. Politics, disasters, violence and weather are just a few examples of topics we seek to learn about, and for the most part, this information is readily available across a variety of … More Here’s the problem with mainstream media coverage

A hate for tobacco

An article from┬ádiscusses the findings of a new report from scientists at Imperial College London that shows six trillion cigarettes, produced annually, can influence climate change, water and land use, and toxicity. It goes on to detail how the process of farming tobacco leads to significant land use, water consumption, use of pesticides and … More A hate for tobacco

How Reliable is PETA?

I recently viewed a PETA video, narrated by Kat Graham, depicting the horrid condition of several hen barns in British Columbia. Unkept, inhumane, and blatantly unacceptable, the barns that were featured in this video are a poor example of how farming occurs in Canada. I am completely and entirely against animal cruelty in any way, … More How Reliable is PETA?