Here’s the problem with mainstream media coverage

Media and news outlets are things we as a society rely tremendously upon to gain insight and knowledge about current events across the globe. Politics, disasters, violence and weather are just a few examples of topics we seek to learn about, and for the most part, this information is readily available across a variety of platforms.

And while the media and major news outlets are of significant importance today, myself and many others have one major issue with mainstream media – the coverage of topics is selective and often glazes over issues that are deemed less important.

Let’s examine what’s been in the headlines as of late. The college scandals, Trump, the terrorist attack in New Zealand, and the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash. Are these subjects worthy of news coverage? Without a doubt. But, there’s a whole lot of other stuff happening across the world that isn’t receiving any acknowledgement from media that is also worthy of attention.

Take what’s occurring in Nebraska and surrounding states right now, for example. Residents of these states are reeling with the devastating aftermath of what is referred to as a bomb cyclone that tore through their homes and neighbourhoods, leaving in its wake some of the worst flooding these areas have ever witnessed. Nebraska is an enormous contributor to the U.S. agricultural industry, yet livestock is freezing to death and drowning from the rising waters while farmers and ranchers scramble to save as many as they can. Take a look:

Where the hell is their coverage?

From what I have seen about the bomb cyclone and its horrific damage thus far, not many people are familiar with the situation because it hasn’t been addressed by major media.

But I guess it’s more important that we’re all well rehearsed in the scandal surrounding Laurie Loughlin and Felicity Huffman and their pathetic attempt to forge their children into some of the best schools in the world.

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