Do you know what your cat is really feeling?

There is a belief that someone is either a dog person or a cat person.

Personally, I identify as both. I love cats and dogs equally, as different as they are, and with one pup and five cats on our family farm, it’s safe to say everyone in my family identifies as both a cat and a dog person.

Cats are curious creatures, though. I find them to be difficult to read sometimes, whereas dogs are a lot more forward with their emotions and feelings.

My sister picked up an informational graphic from Ruffin’s Pet Centres not too long ago outlining how cats are feeling according to their body position, and I thought I would share this information with all of you in case some of you are cat people. Some of them are more obvious than others, but since cats can be moody little shits, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share this knowledge.

If you have a cat of your own, try to identify how it may be feeling based on its body language:

If a cat is quickly flicking or wagging its tail, it is irritated.

If it’s back is arched and its hair is slightly raised, it’s very scared.

If it’s hissing, it’s feeling threatened.

If it is walking/stalking low to the ground, it is in hunting mode.

If it’s scratching at something, for instance, your leather couch, it’s excited.

If it rubs its head/jaw along an edge, it is marking its territory with its scent.

If it exposes its stomach to you by laying on its back, it feels trusting.

If its ears are pointing backwards and are relatively flat, they’re anxious.

I’m not positive how accurate the information on this graphic is, but it seems to make relative sense to me. I’m not a feline expert, but I think it’s safe to say that if your cat is hissing and violently swinging its paws at you, it isn’t asking for cuddles.

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3 thoughts on “Do you know what your cat is really feeling?

  1. I have my cat, Checkers, and I usually read his emotions by his tail. They say you can tell a lot for looking at the tail. But, I did wonder why he would scratch the couch whenever I came home. Now, I know. Thanks for sharing!


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