How Reliable is PETA?

I recently viewed a PETA video, narrated by Kat Graham, depicting the horrid condition of several hen barns in British Columbia. Unkept, inhumane, and blatantly unacceptable, the barns that were featured in this video are a poor example of how farming occurs in Canada.

I am completely and entirely against animal cruelty in any way, shape or form, and believe advocacy against animal cruelty to be a quintessential component in the education process. I have an issue, however, with these types of videos that paint all farms and farmers with the same brush. The video suggests that the disgusting conditions occurring on this particular farm are an example of how all egg farmers operate in the country, an extremely ignorant and inaccurate exclamation. I try my best to refrain from viewing any PETA-affiliated content because of the level of ignorance that often occurs in their documentation of inhumane animal treatment in an agricultural context, and I find this ignorance to be extremely detrimental towards the reputation of farmers in this country. By suggesting that the gruesome conditions occurring on this particular farm in British Columbia are the standard, or the norm, for all other egg farms in Canada, is absolutely ludicrous. The treatment of the hens on this farm is absolutely inexcusable and difficult to comprehend entirely, and it is infuriating to acknowledge that people will view this video and believe all egg farmers to treat their crops in a similar manner.

Education is key when it comes to animal cruelty, but said education needs to be conducted in a responsible, reputable manner. Associating all Canadian farmers with one farmer’s disgusting behaviours is unjust and simply wrong, hence why it is crucial to do your own research to determine what is accurate and inaccurate in the context of PETA content.

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