Are the Roads Really Safe?

It seems as though every time I am out on the roads driving, I encounter a fellow driver who simply fails to have any comprehension of what road safety consists of. Driving recklessly, texting, speeding, tailgating, swerving, failing to stop at stop signs, and not abiding by the rules of the road are just a few examples of some of the observations I have made on behalf of other drivers, and quite frankly, it scares me.

I acknowledge that I am not a perfect driver, nor is anyone, really. I speed when I am running late, and sometimes I catch myself tailgating when another driver is going under the speed limit (which is also a hazard). I do not, however, put the lives of those around me at stake because I interpret the road to be a NASCAR track, and I really am getting tired of fearing for my own safety and the safety of others each time I get in my truck.

I firmly believe that a lot of individuals who are on the roads should not be, period, but I acknowledge that this belief is not exactly easy to put into practice. Rather, I really think it would be beneficial for individuals to have to undergo driving tests every so often to ensure their habits are up to par with rules and regulations, and I specifically believe this would prevent a lot of accidents from occurring at the hands of senior drivers. I am not suggesting that all road safety violations are a result of senior drivers, but I do believe senior drivers unintentionally cause a lot of mishaps on the roads. Instilling a law that Canadian drivers should be re-tested every few years would benefit everyone using the roads, young and old, and I think it would make driving a safer practice overall.

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