Looking for a wedding venue? Read this

This past weekend, Blaine and I and his mom and dad attended a lovely wedding in Flamborough, Ontario. The groom is a friend and co-worker of Blaine’s, as well as Blaine’s dad, and we had been looking forward to the celebration since our invitation arrived in the mail. The now newlyweds chose The Earth to … More Looking for a wedding venue? Read this

The reality of saying goodbye to seasonal migrant workers

This past Thursday evening, my family and I reluctantly said goodbye to three of our seasonal migrant workers before they headed to Toronto Pearson Airport to catch a flight to go home to Mexico. I say reluctantly because as happy as we are for these men that they are able to return home and see … More The reality of saying goodbye to seasonal migrant workers

Looking for a unique dinner experience? Check out Thrive Norfolk

As of late, I would argue that the concept of ‘farm to table’ meals has gained tremendous popularity. Perhaps this stems from a desire from the general public to have a better understanding of how and where food is produced and prepared, and if so, I think an increase in this meal concept is a … More Looking for a unique dinner experience? Check out Thrive Norfolk

Appreciating temporary foreign workers more than ever

In the agricultural industry, temporary foreign workers are crucial. Their help is essential in producing a variety of crops here in Ontario, but furthermore across North America. Our migrant workers begin to arrive in April and continue to come in segments into July. Some leave in October, others in November and even December depending on … More Appreciating temporary foreign workers more than ever

Are you an agvocate?

A couple of evenings ago, the Brant County Federation of Agriculture held its annual meeting at my family’s farm. It was a pretty neat experience considering it was the first agricultural meeting I’ve ever attended, and I was able to meet some new people involved in the industry that I hadn’t been familiar with prior. … More Are you an agvocate?

Lavender 101

In working at Bonnieheath Estate, a lavender farm and winery, I’ve come to develop a relatively firm understanding of lavender. Prior to starting this job, I had some knowledge of this magical plant, but now that my knowledge has expanded, I thought I would offer a little lavender 101, if you will, in hopes of … More Lavender 101

Fed up with the weather? Think about the farmers

If you’re a resident of Ontario, chances are you’re probably wondering what in the heck it is that Mother Nature is all in a dither over. I shouldn’t say Ontario specifically. The weather is wonky all across the country, and worldwide. From what I’ve gathered, most of us are rather fed up with the so-called … More Fed up with the weather? Think about the farmers

Respect for tobacco

There is a chance you glimpsed at the title of this post and thought to yourself, “what in the actual hell? How could anyone respect something that has such a negative connotation affiliated with it?” And these thoughts are warranted, assuming you’re not familiar with the rich heritage tobacco has in the province of Ontario. … More Respect for tobacco

Suicide Amongst Farmers

An article by Irina Ivanova titled “Farmers are Killing Themselves In Staggering Numbers” caught my attention the other day when it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. I was aware that mental illness and suicide is prevalent in the farming community, but this article allowed me to recognize just how severe … More Suicide Amongst Farmers

How Reliable is PETA?

I recently viewed a PETA video, narrated by Kat Graham, depicting the horrid condition of several hen barns in British Columbia. Unkept, inhumane, and blatantly unacceptable, the barns that were featured in this video are a poor example of how farming occurs in Canada. I am completely and entirely against animal cruelty in any way, … More How Reliable is PETA?