Are you buying as local as you could be?

Summertime in Ontario signifies the joyful start of fresh, seasonal produce. Whether it be asparagus, strawberries, plums or sweet corn, having access to locally grown items can be a gamechanger, both in terms of taste and overall quality.

And while you may be under the impression you’re buying as much local product as possible, it simply may not be the case. There are several potential reasons that could be contributing to the issue; perhaps your local grocery store doesn’t have proper signage posted; maybe items are improperly labelled.

Whatever the reason may be, it has come to my attention that a lot of us aren’t buying and supporting as locally as we could be, and it’s a problem.

I’m unsure why some of us willingly purchase products that come from outside our township, province, or even country of residence. For example, while grocery shopping with my mom a little while ago, there was a display of green beans. One display contained green beans from Ontario, and the other from Mexico.

More beans were missing from the display with product from Mexico than the Ontario display.

Purchasing items that are shipped in from distant geographical regions may seem appealing, especially if there’s a relatively significant price difference. But, supporting local is one of the best things you can do for your own community (depending where you live), and the time has come for more of us to understand the importance of supporting local businesses through our purchases.

Don’t believe me?

“As of 2017, small businesses employed 8.3 million individuals in Canada, or 69.7 percent of the total private labour force,” says the Government of Canada’s website.

“By comparison, medium-sized businesses employed 2.4 million individuals (19.9 percent of the private labour force) and large businesses employed 1.2 million individuals (10.4 percent of the private labour force).”

There’s some food for thought.

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2 thoughts on “Are you buying as local as you could be?

  1. Awesome post!!! The one thing I miss about southern Ontario is the amazing fresh produce. Western Newfoundland does not have as many options, although I still try to take advantage of the fresh produce we do have here. Its so important for our environment, economy, community, health, and so many other reasons that we buy local the we can. Thanks for making this post.

    p.s. love the food for thought pun 🙂


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