Move over, Somersby; Folkin’ Hard Cider has you beat

Ciders and summertime pair perfectly. There’s something so refreshing about cracking open a crisp, cool apple cider on a hot summer day, and I imagine a lot of folks would agree with me. If hard cider is your go-to drink when the weather warms up, I have some fantastic news for you: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender … More Move over, Somersby; Folkin’ Hard Cider has you beat

Here’s why you need to try Cottage Springs’ vodka sodas

Sugary alcoholic drinks have never been my thing. I find them to be excessively sweet (almost like you can feel cavities forming as you sip on them), and honestly, wine and beer have always been my preference. That is, wine and beer were my preference until I discovered Cottage Springs vodka sodas. Now my top … More Here’s why you need to try Cottage Springs’ vodka sodas

Earthly Delights: making mealtimes easier

My sister’s business, Earthly Delights, recently revealed some exciting news regarding its newest services, and what better way to share the news than with the internet. Earthly Delights, as a recap, is a small business that offers homegrown, chemical-free produce, natural wellness products such as bath bombs and scrubs, and artisanal woodworking. It’s my sister’s … More Earthly Delights: making mealtimes easier

Finding and supporting local businesses

Local business and their success have always been of importance to me. Their importance likely stems from being raised in an agricultural environment, where small businesses often collaborate for a greater result, and further my sisters own small business. Seeing the folks who own and operate small businesses, busting their butts each and every day … More Finding and supporting local businesses

Product review: Earthly Delights’ vanilla sugar scrub

I apologize for the surplus in product reviews as of late, however, after receiving some products for Christmas, and others shortly before Christmas time, I figure I may as well offer my opinion of them in case someone else is contemplating giving them a try. My sister, who coincidentally happens to be the owner of … More Product review: Earthly Delights’ vanilla sugar scrub

Ontario Farm Fresh

It’s arguable that you’ve detected my passion for agriculture and supporting farmers, therefore it should come as no surprise that I advocate for the website Ontario Farm Fresh. Ontario Farm Fresh is essentially a website that provides information about farmers and their farms in Ontario, encouraging site visitors to visit them and in turn buy … More Ontario Farm Fresh