Eat, Buy, and Support Local

It’s summertime here in Ontario, and summer in the farming community signifies far more than an increase in temperatures. With warmer weather comes an abundance of locally available produce, items that farmers and growers tirelessly produce for public consumption.

From my own understanding, a lot of people do, in fact, eat, buy, and support locally. At the same time, however, a lot of people don’t, a realization I find to be rather disappointing.

Is there any reason not to buy local? The wonderful thing about local food is that you can put a face and a name to the person who is growing the food you’re feeding yourself and your family. You’re supporting farmers and growers in your own community rather than big-name retailers who import much of their produce, and while I do realize and acknowledge that supporting farmers in a global context is crucial, supporting farmers in your own community is a tremendous way to give back. You’re helping to boost the economy, you’re consuming food with fewer chemicals and preservatives because it isn’t traveling long distances to markets and stores, and you can feel good about knowing where your food is coming from.

I think a lot of people associate ‘buying local’ with produce items, but local buying expands to a lot more than just fruits and veggies. Meat, dairy, eggs, honey, fish and maple syrup are all locally-available items in Ontario, and if you’re out of province, some research will allow you to comprehend what items can be purchased locally where you reside geographically. Foodland Ontario is a fantastic resource if you do live in Ontario, and I highly recommend checking out their website if you would like to learn more about eating, buying and supporting locally.

Where do you like to shop locally? Let others know so we can support the men and women who feed us and our families.

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