Recognizing the dangerous convenience of Amazon

Unless you are just emerging from the darkest, furthest corner of an abandoned cave, it is highly probable that you are familiar with Amazon.

In case you are just emerging from such a cave, Amazon is an online shopping platform that carries just about anything you could possibly think of for quite reasonable prices and astoundingly quick delivery times, especially if you use Amazon Prime like me.

Amazon has been in existence for a little while now, but I feel like COVID-19 really thrust its presence into our faces. Since so many of us were confined to our homes during lockdowns and whatnot, it makes sense that Amazon and its convenience became rather appealing, and soon enough many of us had packages being delivered directly to our doorsteps on an all too regular basis.

As much as I would like to lie and say I don’t use Amazon, I’m not going to. I use it as much as the next person, and probably too much if I am being entirely candid. The lure of having the option to order pretty well anything I need without having to leave my house is strong, and for the sake of saving time, I often end up ordering shit from the platform.

Amazon is great in a lot of ways, but it is crucial to recognize how dangerous its convenience is for small business owners. My own sister has a small business, and I often feel guilty when I order items from Amazon because I am aware of the devastating impacts this powerhouse of an online shopping platform has had on a lot of small businesses and small business owners.

What is important to note, though, is that I am conscious of the implications of ordering from Amazon too often, and I am making a conscious effort to do and be better in regards to my shopping habits. I’m not so sure a lot of other people are conscious of these implications, though, and this realization is a concerning one.

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